Christmas Squirrels

Ahhh it's nearly Christmas! 
I have been busy making new things to sell a local Etsy Christmas Market event I have a stall at, 
and these little squirrels will appear in my Etsy shop very soon as well! 


Polkupyörä screen print.


I've been doing some more screen printing recently and here's a three colour print I did yesterday.
I wanted to illustrate this Finnish song called "Polkupyörä"(Bicycle), which I loved to sing when I was little.

Free translation -

You're pedalling,
I'm steering,
the journey is like a dance.
As we cycle to grandma's,
there's not a cloud in the sky.



Poster & pattern designs for a VaroomLab Illustration Symposium

Interpretation // Varoom! Lab & Arts University Bournemouth Illustration Symposium 

This symposium seeks to explore ways in which illustrators, interpret, re-interpret and misinterpret information through illustration practice. This event aims to celebrate and investigate the potential exciting creative strategies and possibilities for practitioners to move minds, challenge norms and influence the ways in which we the see the world and connect with it.

You can get tickets for the symposium here!


Felt brooches.

I made some felt brooches based on some sketches I had done. I cut out the pieces, stitched the faces on before stitching around the edges, then left a little gap to stuff the little brooches with some cotton wool, and then finished off the stitching to seal the edge. On the back of the brooch I've sewn a bar pin. So much fun to make these!